Happy 2015!

Well, happy 2015!  Thanks for coming to the blog page. I renew my resolve to let you all in on things that are happening in my world, musically and sometimes otherwise.

This year will mark my 25th year of playing with the wonderous composer/pianist Joel Forrester. To mark this milestone, I have recorded a CDs worth of original material with Joel that I think you’ll like. Check back to see when and how it will be released. I am considering only releasing it online or maybe a limited edition on vinyl. What do you think? We recorded at Avatar with grammy winner Jim Anderson at the console and Alan Tucker doing the mastering. They did such an great job with “Baritione Monk” – why mess with a winning combination?

Every Wednesday since May, I’ve had the great pleasure of playing in the house band at Minton’s Playhouse with JC Hopkins Biggish Band. It has been beyond fun – the band is always “bringing it” there. We aren’t playing background music, and the original Minton’s has been turned into a 4 star restaurant. Wear a jacket, but expect the music to be full tilt jazz. Julian Pressley is an unsung hero on the alto sax. you will not be disappointed. I’m thrilled to play next to him every week.

There is other exciting news looming, but I need a little time to iron out the details and not let the cat out of the bag too soon.

Other than that, I’m ready for a new year. Jumping out in January to San Diego for the JEN Convention to play with the Thelonious Monk Peer to Peer All-Stars. I suspect they’ll blow me away because the kids are knocking it out of the part these days. JB Dyas at the helm there, so i know it’s gonna be killin’!

Well, here’s to a fantastic 2015 for all of us. May the road ahead bring us happy surprises and peace of mind (and how about peace on earth?).  Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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