Well, I thought I wanted to blog!

Well, I thought I wanted to blog! I wasn’t even resisting it – just completely forgot about it. It’s been so long since the last post, maybe I’ll just start by saying that my belief in the idea that you never know what’s going to happen next has been fully renewed.

The North Coast Brewery made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. They brought my quartet (Steve Hudson, MaryAnn McSweeney, Peter Grant et moi) to the west coast, sponsored a tour from Vancouver to Santa Cruz, recorded us in NYC with Jim Anderson at the board at Avatar Studio, produced “Baritone Monk” and it has been on the charts for about 3 months. It made #1 on the CMJ Charts and #9 on Jazz Week Chart. 100% of the proceeds (that’s ALL of it!) goes to the Monk Institute to further jazz education. Talk about a company with an altruistic sensibility. They also make Brother Thelonious Ale, which kicks in a portion of the proceeds. To say I didn’t see that one coming is an understatement. We are really grateful for this opportunity.

The thing is, in this unusual, unstable choice of being a musician, there is always the possibility that something outrageously great can happen to you. You can wake up one day and things can change drastically in the day. This makes me nervous sometimes, but when the phone rings and I’ve got the opportunity to play with amazing musicians, travel the world, play my horn, experience life in this way – I feel like the wealthiest human alive. It’s worth any trade-off I’ve had to make. I want you to know more about this, so come back and I’ll try to remember to tell some stories about my life choices. It gets pretty funny sometimes.

And you are…?

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