Mary Joyce Project

It all started in Juneau.  Mary Joyce began her 3 month journey from Juneau to Fairbanks by dogsled in December 1935.  Fast forward to May of 2011, and the quintet premiered our new body of work dedicated to Mary at the Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival.

The festival was celebrating its 25th anniversary.  We’d arranged the premier 2 years earlier, and Steve Hudson and I were working on the music over that time.  To say it was a great week is an understatement.  The schedule was full, but the connections were beautiful.  We did clinics, taught, did a concert in the State Office Building for 200 kids, held a jam session at Mary’s bar “The Lucky Lady”, went sight seeing in a plane and in a fishing boat.  We saw killer whales, humpback whales, sea lions, eagles, a porcupine and more!  Really a remarkable week.

The last night (Friday) we premiered the piece to a sold out theater and a wonderful reception.  I’ll be writing more about the trip and including pictures, but we are SO grateful to Linda Rosenthal and Kathy Ruddy and the whole gang of Juneau characters for having us to their amazing festival!

To be continued…

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  1. LLarryLlLLLLLLLarry says:

    Hi Claire how do we get the Journal thaat Mary Joyce wrote that was published.

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