April 12, 2010

Spring has sprung here in NYC. Pink, purple, white and green blooming everywhere (well, sort of everywhere). I’m really excited to be involved in many great projects as well as looking forward to some of my favorite annuals. I love writing music with Steve Hudson, playing gigs, being outside without 10 lbs of clothes on. Check out the gigs on my itinerary page.

Just finishing my 5th year teaching at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Middle School Jazz Academy, and this will be my 10th year at Litchfield Jazz Camp. I’ll be there 4 glorious weeks this year. What a gift to share the joy of playing with people as passionate about the music as the faculty. Come on up and join us! All levels will be comfortable, will improve, and will be thoroughly inspired!! I always am.

Attention all executive producers (aka: people who love and support jazz)…I am going to record an exciting project premiering in May, 2011 in Juneau, Alaska. I’ll be playing at the Jazz and Classics Festival with a great band ~ Steve Hudson/pno and co-composer, MaryAnn McSweeney on bass, Jacob Melchior on drums and Napoleon Maddox- human beatbox extraordinaire. We are paying tribute to Mary Joyce, my father’s cousin who went from Juneau to Fairbanks by dogsled in 1936. If you’d like to play a very important role in this, drop me a line! You can executive produce a recording and come to Juneau with us. Whaddaya think? Sound like fun?…it will be.

I hope you are enjoying the new season as much as I am.

Bright moments,

ps: …and you are?…

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