August 15, 2009



Well, here’s how I spent my summer vacation…

June’s highlight was a 2 week trip to Juneau, where I researched my father’s first cousin, Mary Joyce. A remarkable story, an amazing woman, and a pioneer. In 1936, she travelled by dogsled from Juneau to Fairbanks (1,000 miles). Solo. No non-Alaskan had done this trip. She had some Tlingkit guides along the way, so I was interested in hearing the music she might have been checking out with them. I found a wealth of information on her, Tlingkit music and ceremonies, newspaper and magazine articles, people who knew and loved her, and much more. My cousin Maryann Greiner accompanied me on the trip. She knew her well and has published Mary’s journal of the journey.

Steve Hudson and I are writing music and creating an event about Mary Joyce through “Outside Insight, Inc”. More on that as it develops.

I am grateful to have won the Downbeat Critic Poll “Rising Star” on baritone. Since 2003, I think I’ve won this a half dozen times. I think that makes me a “slow-riser”, but that’s OK with me. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate the support.

July was my 9th year teaching at the Litchfield Jazz Camp in Connecticut. 4 weeks of jazz camp was a remarkable experience. Each week brought me a different combo to work with for 3 hours a day. We also teach master classes, theory, and private lessons. The faculty and students there are incredibly inspiring and pretty much hilariously funny. I have come back (once again) with renewed enthusiasm and am practicing new things. I learn alot when I teach!

August 17th, I’ll be recording 4 more tunes arranged by Lanny Meyers. Dave Brubeck tunes with strings and Suzanne Lorge on vocals. Lanny is absolutely in his own category. It’s beautiful music (we’ve recorded 3 tunes already) and I’m very excited to be involved in this project. More on that as it develops, but Dave Brubeck has helped us pick repetoire and his feedback has been amazing.

So I guess this summer has been crazy busy, but I love my life, so…no complaints! Some surprises coming up, too. Please come back soon.

And you are…??

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