Feb. 17th, 2009

I hope you are all staying warm and happy this winter. Things on my end have been different, interesting and pretty much fun. I am currently involved in a few nice projects…

One: I am very excited to be involved in a project with strings that I’ll tell you more about as we progress. Lanny Meyers is a brilliant arranger and we are having a great time putting together something very unique and special.

Two: composing music about my family member “Mary Joyce”. She was a true free spirit who made a 1,000 mile trek from Juneau to Fairbanks, Alaska, solo, in 1936. Her story is beautiful in many ways and I hope to pay my respects by co-writing music (with Steve Hudson) and producing a multimedia event through “Outside Insight, Inc”. I think we’ll have something to show in the Spring and will keep you posted. I have a goal to get to Alaska this Summer and see the route Mary took – now the Alcan Highway. She is also well represented in the museums there. Fun research for me.

I have written a “Masterclass” article to be published in the May edition of Downbeat, called “Spontaneous Composition” inspired by the band “2 Sisters, Inc” that i have with Dave Sewelson and Dave Hofstra. 2 baris, one mind…and a bass. It’s a creative and accessible sound, oddly enough, so I was thrilled that Downbeat was interested in how we work with this instrumentation. It was a great experience to explain our creative process.

“The Honorable Hustlers” is another statement I’m making these days with human beat-boxer Napoleon Maddox. We have loved playing music together for about 5 years now. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with his group “IsWhat?!” and we’ve taken to doing duo gigs. Some spontaneous composition and a ton of fun. What a great soul Napoleon is. We have invited some cool people to be Honorary Honorable Hustlers, too. I hope there will be more to report on that front!

Enough about me. And…you are??…


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