AUG. 11, 2008

Greetings!  I’m baaaack…

I’ll just say that I MEAN to update this page more often, so keep coming back!

This summer has been an outstanding one for me.  June brought some fun gigs – Minton’s with Joel Forrester, playing a Democratic fundraiser, recording my “Rah! Rah! Rahsaan” project, and culminating with the Kingston Jazz Festival w/ Rah! Rah!  I’ve been hand making all the CD covers.  Each one is original and there are varying prices depending on the artwork.

July gave me another shot at hosting the “Musician’s Show” on WKCR.  We musicians get to play anything we want.  I focused on some of the other teachers from the Litchfield Camp, like Paul Bollenbeck, Jeff Hirshfield, Don Braden, Mike DiRubbo, Dave Stryker and some of my pals around town – Maryanne McSweeney, Kirpal Gordon, Joan Styles, Laura Dreyer, Jamie Baum and many more.  It’s good to be king.

The most wonderful thing happened this year.  My longest stretch ever of teaching at the Litchfield Jazz Camp (3 weeks) was an incredible and inspiring event.  I’ve realized that I don’t have to be someone that I’m not to be a teacher.  I find the students to be incredible.  I just have more “earth years” than most of them.  We had a wonderful creative experience together with lot of discovery happening everywhere.

THEN, after rehearsing my band and spending 2 1/2 days with the alums from the JLC Middle School Jazz Academy (Another “off the hook” fun and rewarding experience), I returned to Litchfield and played the Litchfield Jazz Festival on August 3rd w/ “Rah! Rah!”  Man, life is sweet sometimes.  Dave Hofstra, Eli Yamin, Peter Grant, Curtis Fowlkes and moi.  We really have fun paying tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  I’d love to see that band get out more.

So now I’m back in the saddle in NYC, determined to enjoy what’s left of the summer and to gear up some of the other projects I’m working on…and…oh yeah…to learn how to edit video.

Napoleon Maddox – human beat box extraordinaire – and I have recorded a duo CD we call “Out of Compliance”, under the name “The Honorable Hustlers”.  We’ll be in Middletown, CT (Oddfellows Playhouse) on September 27th, and doing a release party at NUBLU in NYC on September 28th.  Come join us if you can – it’s freestyle and funky and fun.

So that’s what I did with MY summer vacation.  How about you?

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