FEB. ’08

A lot going on these days here, I’m happy to report. While the gig season is slow for me, I’m using the time to write music, practice, and figure out the ins and outs of being an “artistic director” of a not-for-profit organization. “Outside Insight, Inc.” is dedicated to the pursuance of “Transformation through art.” What is amazing to me is that I now have a vehicle to realize my own and other’s artistic vision.

Really, if someone had told me that it could be this much fun to be a grown-up, I might have done it years ago. The responsibilities are real and sometimes daunting, but so far, worth every minute of it.

So I hope your winter is warm and cozy. Please come back soon, as I will be updating the website with exciting news of gigs and projects.

Bright Moments,

P.S. And you are…?

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